Computer Science
Our mission is to produce professionals with creative and intellectual thinking to meet the challenges of the industry.

The year of establishment of the department was in 1992.Since its inception the department has been successful in producing excellent software professionals who are the global leaders of the future generation and the world trading market.

The department is endowed with well-trained, experienced and qualified staff who constantly work to improve the performance of the students.

They are supported by sophisticated infrastructure with an overall facility to teach from anywhere throughout the network. The staff-students' interaction is maintained wonderfully well in order to encourage the students to come out with creativity, which is very vital in the software development science.

The Curriculum of Computer Science and Engineering aims to train the students to update their knowledge on the current emerging trends of the software and IT industries and also teaches them to adapt to the ever-changing trends of these industries.

The Department of Computer science has two labs equipped with 30 Computers in lab-I and 30 computers in lab-II. The lab-I & 2 is connected through broad band internet provided by Airtel with 2MBPS

Mrs. Archana Amit
Head Of the Department

Electronics & Communication
Electronic Communication is an Evergreen technical course. This is the basic foundation for any technical course. This course helps to choose any of the other technical courses. Now in Semester course, we have advanced subjects such as Micro controller i.e. Enrolled systems, Advanced communication, Data communication & computer networks etc.

This will be an added advantage for present job opportunity and as well as for pursuing further studies in BE. The Diploma student who joins BE course will have a sound technical knowledge. Based on this foundation course, we can study Software course & extend our advanced technical knowledge.

The Electronic and Communication Engineering course was started in year 2003. The branch was started having qualified Leturers and lab assistant.

The Analog and Digital lab in the department are well equipped with the requisite instruments for all the six semesters with all required Digital trainers.

Mrs. Kavitha
Head of the Department
Electronics & Communication Eng

Commercial Practice
It's indeed a great privilege to welcome student for the study of commercial practice course in the esteemed Baldwin Polytechnic recognized by the government of Karnataka.

Commercial practice education has gathered momentum in all spheres of activities. It has assumed a strategic important after adoption of economic liberalization and globalization. The Commercial Practice course has given the knowledge, skills and tools to overcome hurdles and to face new challenges in successful secretary managers all the available resources very effectively and efficiently. The Commercial practice course has got its own image

It is helpful for job opportunity it is an added advantage for commercial practice students. As it is of great importance for commercial correspondence in business companies and also to develop Secretarial Skills. The basic subjects in Commercial Practice is Typing and Shorthand.

Shorthand is invented by Sir. Isaac Pitman 1837-Ist Edition and 1840-IInd Edition. It is a sound based writing it is known as phonography-means-writing. Shorthand outlines are written according to the sound. To get good knowledge in shorthand one must learn the basic rules thoroughly. Concentration is very important while taking dictation.

Typing is done by striking the keys exactly in the center using fingertips exactly not by pressing the keys.Raise the fingers just enough to make quick sharp strokes and strike the letters, replace the fingers immediately on its home position after striking the keys and get ready for the next striking movement.


Correct sitting posture hold your head erect, facing the look dept on the right side of the typing machine. Hold your shoulders back and relax, let your forearms be parallel to the keyboard, let your arms and elbows hang loosely. Keep the fingers curved as though to grasp the handle bar of a bicycle. Keep the knees apart and the feet firmly to the ground. Right foot slightly in advance or both the feet on the front frame of the table. Keep your fingernails trimmed to get correct finger position.

Mr. Ravi Shankar
Head of the Department
Commercial Practice

Dept of English
The English Department comprises of a Single Lecturer. Though our institution is not very large, still it consists of many departments. It forms the backbone of the institution.

Without fire we cannot cook, English being the medium of instruction, without learning English, other subjects cannot be understood. Like salt adds to the taste, English knowledge adds to the other subjects.

Apart from literature and language, students are being given training in personal development. An introduction of Information, Search Analysis Project (ISAP) has an impact on their presentation and has built self- confidence with every individual.

Few presentations was organized for the fifth semester students, Guest Lecture was delivered by M.B.A (Experts). Apart from presentation, Group discussion, Debate was also conducted keeping in view "Learn with fun".

Mrs.Assumptha Louis

Baldwin Polytechnic, up glowing institution has the great pleasure in thanking our Principal, Mr. Sanjeev Dayanand for the establishment of library in the year 2003. It forms the salt to the student s and staffs of this institution. “Library is a must for the over all growth” is being said by the great people of yesterday. Today’s computer was yesterday’s library. Yes library itself says, “Live in broad round area reading yourself”.

Library is very essential for each and every institution the silent place where you can acquire knowledge. It’s knowledge of Bank, where you deposit your thoughts and books adds to your knowledge in the form of interest. No age bar for the references and reading of books express and impress the users an adequate preparation is required for the flow of thought.

Down to our home library we have different sections starting books for English for all in general, books for computer science engineering, commercial practice and electronics and communication. Daily Newspapers and Magazines.

Libraries are not only the power users of the institution but effective source of information. This good library hosts everything under the sun in the form of words to enrich the knowledge of the user.