Baldwin Polytechnic, up glowing institution has the great pleasure in thanking our Principal, Mr. Sanjeev Dayanand for the establishment of library in the year 2003. It forms the salt to the student s and staffs of this institution. "Library is a must for the over all growth" is being said by the great people of yesterday. Today's computer was yesterday's library. Yes library itself says, "Live in broad round area reading yourself".

Library is very essential for each and every institution the silent place where you can acquire knowledge. It's knowledge of Bank, where you deposit your thoughts and books adds to your knowledge in the form of interest. No age bar for the references and reading of books express and impress the users an adequate preparation is required for the flow of thought.

Down to our home library we have different sections starting books for English for all in general, books for computer science engineering, commercial practice and electronics and communication. Daily Newspapers and Magazines.

Libraries are not only the power users of the institution but effective source of information. This good library hosts everything under the sun in the form of words to enrich the knowledge of the user.