Stundet Project
"We have to design products which can reduce the air pollution in the city. So we decided to design a bike because we thought that bicycles are environmentally friendly vehicles for transportation. Riding a bicycle can reduce traffic jams in a city. Moreover, we have to add more value to a bicycle by adding its ability to reduce the pollution." The "SELF CHARGING ECO FRINDLY CYCLE". The air purifying bicycle is an electric one and will sport an aluminum frame and the electric power that will come via a lithium-ion battery.

It is a self charging eco friendly cycle where it can charge by it self when it is running. It is charged by means of dynamo and solar power. It is a pollution free bike. It is noiseless, single passenger, and weighing about 60Kgs.

It starts with zero speed, by using accelerator, it picks up maximum speed of 25kmph very fast.
Even for a common man it is easy to use, control and affordable.

It is manufactured using an old ampere cycle, it is modified with wheels worked on design to be driven with a motor. Self charging circuit id designed and incorporated,
Head lights and indicators added for the better driving conditions.
It is altered to fit the dynamos and solar panel. It is altered on disc brake, and worms are included to attach speedometer.
Main battery system is enclosed below the seat with a lock. Also with on/off key system.
Lighting battery is attached in the centre of the cycle frame
Peddling can be used, in any extreme situations.
The main elements used are :
Dynamo 4nos
Two dynamos for main battery charging,
One for lighting and horn
One spare
Solar panel for charging the battery
Toggle switch system for electric circuit
Battery (sealed lead-acid battery 12V×4Nos)
Two for main drive
One for lighting
Motor (36v DC ) for main drive
Self charging circuit for all batteries

Along with other parts and elements of a cycle, such disc and drum brakes, wheels designed for motors, speedometer, seat and levers, head lights, indicators, horn, charge indicator, Load capacity 200kg

Non polluting
Noise less
Good torque capacity
Less maintenance
Easy to ride and control
Most apt for city traffic

Wearing of dynamo rubber
Speed capacity is 25Kmph
Gears are not used for varying speed


It can be used
in city traffic
Old age homes
In-campus drive

Future prospects

Effiency can be improved with a larger battery
Passenger capacity can be  increased by alternations
Speed can be varied using gear system
It can replace all kinds of polluting vehicles in recent future

Height –                1200mm
Length-                 1800mm
Weight -                60kg
Max speed –          25kmph
Total cost –            25000 rs
Motor capacity –   36v
Brakes –                disc and drum

Speedometer –      25kmph